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Personal Injury Attorneys Protect the Rights of Accident Victims
Allen Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie have over 30 years of experience in helping victims of Personal Injury.
Practicing in Orange County and throughout California since 1974, our lawyers have the level of experience and longevity necessary to protect your rights and ensure the successful resolution of your personal injury claim. As insurance companies have become more aggressive and fair compensation for personal injury claims more difficult to obtain, our attorneys have developed strategies for success. Contacting a lawyer early in the claims process will prevent you from falling prey to insurer tactics that could ruin your claim and right to recovery.

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Video Transcript

I’m a specialist in personal injury. I don’t – we don’t do any other type of law but personal injury for purposes of helping people and focusing on that area. There are many different kinds of law, and to be good in that kind of law, you need to have had not only the experience but time under the radar, time under the gun, so from that perspective, our extensive experience defines us as the firm that we are. But on top of that, I like to say to clients, I’d like them to soar above their injuries not just kind of survive through it, and a way to do that is really to take a more hands on approach not to just get them more money, because money really doesn’t pay for your lifestyle or the loss that you have suffered. What we’re really trying to do is we are trying to give them a whole recovery, emotionally, physically, get them to the best they can be and then of course financially, so that’s what I enjoy about the work and that’s what really I think sets us apart from most of our competition.

Accidents and Personal Injury

  • Orange County Has High Incidence of Accidents and Personal Injury

    Motor Vehicle Collisions: Intersected by several major freeways and highways, Southern California is infamous for its traffic congestion. With more vehicles on the roads, accidents and personal injury occur at a greater frequency.
  • Worst Orange County Freeways

    One of the most congested freeways in Southern California, the San Diego Freeway (I-405), carries more than 300,000 vehicle trips in some sections each day, according to the Orange County Transportation Authority. Other freeways that have ranked among the worst in the nation for congestion include stretches of the I-5, the 55, and the 73, reported the Orange County Register.
  • Boating Accidents in the OC

    Boating accidents are common along Orange County’s 42 miles of coastline, representing 29% of all boating accidents in Southern California, 5% of injuries, and 19% of fatalities in 2012, according to the California Division of Boating and Watercrafts. Newport Harbor and the Pacific Ocean accounted for the most accidents in the area.
  • Drowning Accidents

    Drowning consistently remains the leading cause of death for children 1-4 years of age in Orange County and throughout California. Drowning remains among the top five causes of death among children 17 years and younger, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

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GM to Compensate Victims of Delayed Ignition Switch Recall

General Motors has already paid the maximum penalty, $35 million, for concealing an ignition switch defect that has been linked to several accidents; admitted to ‘a pattern of incompetence and neglect’ in its handling of the problem; and fired 15 employees, most of them...
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